Agatha stands as a beacon of modern sophistication, an elegant blend of French-British sensibilities infused with contemporary flair. From the moment of arrival, guests are greeted with a facade that promises a journey into a past era, now refreshed for the modern guest's enjoyment.

Bathed in soft, ambient lighting, the entrance to Agatha sets the stage. The tastefully illuminated signage beckons with an air of mystique, offering a silent promise of the culinary and visual feast that awaits within.

As you step into the dining area, a theatrical ambiance unfolds. The space is an opulent tapestry of deep reds and vibrant golds, with velvet booths offering an intimate dining experience. Elegant patterns and timeless arches set against the dramatic glow of the chandeliers create a space that is both grandiose and welcoming.

The bar area is a masterpiece of design, where a 9-meter long, fully-lit bar counter becomes the pulsing heart of Agatha. Majestic in its presence, it stands as a luminary by setting the rhythm for an evening of luxury, ensuring every sip is savored under the aura of artistry.

In the corner, the DJ booth stands ready to elevate the atmosphere, subtly placed not to distract from the visual splendor of the surroundings. It is from here that the pulse of Agatha vibrates, blending seamlessly with the environment to enhance, not overpower, the sensory experience.

No corner of Agatha escapes the touch of opulence, with the washrooms presenting a realm of beauty. The play of light and mirrors against the lush wallpapers and mosaic flooring crafts an almost other-worldly escape, marrying function with luxury.

The creative vision that fueled Agatha was not without its challenges. From the space constraints to accommodate all the elements without sacrificing style or comfort to the transformation of the skylight and facade windows into the stunning visuals they are today is a testament to the innovation and skill behind Agatha's creation.

This project was a collaboration between two renowned entities, AHI Interiors and SB Interior, each bringing a unique flair and expertise that combined to bring this breathtaking venue to life.

We are proud to share that Agatha was shortlisted in two categories in the CID Awards 2024: Hospitality, Best Bathroom Design category, and Best Bar/Lounge Design. We received the highly commended award for the Best Bathroom Design category, further cementing our commitment to excellence in design.

Agatha is not just a restaurant; it is a culinary journey that pays homage to classic elegance while embracing the boldness of modern design. Each element, from the carpeted floors to the ambient lighting, is a masterpiece of interior design. Agatha is where time stands still, and the golden age of dining is now.

For those who have walked this journey with us, we thank you. For those who are just beginning to discover the transformative power of space, we welcome you. At Arch Home Interiors, we don’t just design interiors; we shape environments that nurture senses, foster connections, and elevate the dining experience into art. Join us as we continue to redefine spaces where every moment becomes a cherished memory.

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